Batch importing into Cyc

How do you efficiently import a bunch of terms and assertions into an OpenCyc instance? Recently I looked at a few approaches. I found that Cyc’s “KEText” file format works well. Here are the docs on this format: KEText. The following SubL command then comes in handy, to load a file in KEText format:

(load-ke-text-file #$CycAdministrator “C:/my.ketext.txt” :agenda t)

To load very large amounts of data you’ll need to break your KEText files up into fairly small chunks, as there are limits to how much data the SubL command can process.

You could alternatively use the OpenCyc Java API, which provides everything you need to make additions and changes to a Cyc image. In my case I had a bunch of information in XML already, so transforming the XML into KEText format was an easier way to go.


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